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Need a fence on the Central Coast, NSW?

    These are pictures of just a few jobs we have completed,  that will display our design and construction capabilities.

    I think you get the picture. 


    Colorbond covered with Bamboo
    Cover-up progress
    Natural kokomo bamboo panels over colorb
    With integrated roof
    Treated pine lapped fence with an integrated roof.
    Random picket screen
    Treated pine random width palings done in an neighbour friendly style
    Block off and gate
    lap and cap with gate
    Retaining cover up
    Poured concrete, clad with mixed hardwood, used to not only retain but to cover an unsightly treated pine sleeper/brick wall.
    Retaining cover up
    Economical way of covering up an ugly old treated pine log wall.
    Chicken Coup
    Double story chicken coup for the chickens that want for nothing.
    Acoustic panel fence
    Cuts noise by 25% and gives a solid effect, much like masonry.
    Neighbour friendly fence
    Chat on the angle through the fence. For those that like there neighbours.
    Vertical picket
    Treated pine picket fence with a top plate, built on a steep driveway.
    Raised Garden Beds
    Our raised garden beds made as a feature with bamboo screening behind.
    Asbestos cover up
    Treated pine palings set horizontally in a random pattern to cover a asbestos fence.
    Raised Garden Bed
    Raised garden bed to house bamboo plants to act as a screen. Mixed random recycled hardwood used to clad treated pine sleeper wall.
    Old palings utilised.
    We built an art gallery from recycled palings. Yes much work however well pleased with the outcome.
    Unique design
    Horizontal slat hardwood timber fence with ends shaped to give effect.
    Timber panel
    Decorative timber panel fence built from primed treated pine. In raw state, to be painted.
    Merbau vehicle gates
    Double gates from Merbau hardwood, built on galvanised steel frames and attached to galvanised steel posts.
    Custom Gates
    A large single driveway gate (unpainted).
    Integrated Retaining
    Treated pine paling fence with an integrated treated pine sleeper retaining wall.
    Pool Fencing
    Tubular aluminium pool fencing.
    Decorative Front Fence
    Cypress pine front fence.
    Colorbond Steel
    Colormax steel fence. Using bluescope steel. Built to last.
    Horizontal Slat Fence
    Primed pine exterior grade treated pine, built horizontally for effect. Yet to be painted.
    Decorative Timber Gate
    Treated primed pine timber single gate, designed to match the house. Yet to be painted.
    Timber Picket
    Treated pine vertical palings with a top plate used for effect.
    Basic steel gates
    Pre made galvanised steel farm gates used in an urban setting.
    Automatic Sliding Gate
    Remote operated sliding vehicle driveway gate.
    Treated pine retaining
    Treated pine sleepers used to retain.
    Chainwire Fencing
    Commercial chainwire fencing and gates.
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    Random picket screen

    Treated pine random width palings done in an neighbour friendly style